Isao Horikoshi

Isao Horikoshi is a versatile pianist, keyboard player, composer and arranger. His full of rock spirits and ever-changing style earned him the nickname "fantasista."

Born April 30, 1971, Hokkaido, Japan. Isao began taking piano lessons at age 5. Soon actualize his talents, He have recital with orchestra at the age of 10. In the recital, He performed Mozart's Piano Concerto. However, it was not classical music but was a Rock music that win his affection.

At age of 12, Isao was enchanted by The Beatles's "Strawberry Fields Forever". Soon after, he became a serious fan of Progressive Rock such as "Yes" and "Emerson, Lake and Palmer". He began a playing rock band and composing by overdubbing.

After enters the university, Isao's activity is much further spread. He has been playing piano and keyboards for several rock and jazz, progressive group. and works as a musical director for various stage production, release CD, arrange songs, etc..

Now, Isao works as a pianist, keyboard player, composer and arranger. His participating band are "SHERPA"(since 1999) which plays jazz Improrvisation with Yow Funahashi(sax), Jun Kawasaki (contrabass), Junzo Tateiwa (drums) and "Zletovsko"(since 2002) which plays progressive rock with Shigekazu Kuwahara(bass, ex. Kouenjihyakkei). In 2009, Isao joined guitarist Kei Fushimi's Rock Instrumental Jam Band "The Peach Sunfish".

Isao also focused stage production. He collaborated with contemporary choreographer Ayako Hamaguchi. Her piece "lemon bomb-trio version" received Judge Award at Yokohama Solo x Duo Competition+ in January 2006. And her "muteki(invincible)" won third prize in Choreography Contest of 12MASDANZA in October 2007. Both of music are composed by Isao Horikoshi.

In addition, his performance beyond the sea. He has also toured Europe, Korea and Canada. And his YouTube videos are getting acclaim from worldwide.
Contact: mail@isaohoriksohi.com

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