mid 90's, when I was in college

title: Getting Started
date: Autumn of 1995
musicians: isao horikoshi (keyboards), former members of college's modern jazz society


This is a live performance of campus festival in 1995. I played with former members of college's modern jazz society. I like it even now. I used DW-8000 manufactured by korg through the effector for guitar. I am playing the synthesizer solo like the guitar. I was a little conscious of Patrick Moraz who is a former member of british prog rock group "Yes".

title: Zero for Conduct
date: Autumn of 1997
musicians: isao horikoshi (computer, piano)

title: Jazz from Hell
date: Autumn of 1997
musicians: isao horikoshi (computer, piano), tsubuku (alt sax)

Jazz研最後の年(1997年)の定演の演奏です。MCにある通り,この頃は4ビートのJazzがとことん嫌になっていて,スタンダードを演奏するのはまっぴらごめんでした。血気さかんでしたね。今ではそんな気概も無くなり,頼まれればなんでも演奏しますが。使っているComputerは,当時でも既に古かったMacintosh Plus。Carl Stone氏の使用で有名な「M」を使って,Computerに即興演奏をさせています。私が所属していた大学のJazz研はそれなりに歴史がありましたが,これまでもこれからも,このような演奏が繰り広げられることはないでしょう。

This performance is the regular concert of college's modern jazz society in the last year of my belonging (1997). As you hear in MC, I hated old style jazz like 4 beat in those days. I don't want to play jazz standards. I was young and hot-blooded. Today, I don't persist to playing jazz. I will play every kind of music.

Through the performance, I used Macintosh plus. This machine was too old even at that point. I had computer play the improvised music, using program "M" which is known to be used by Carl Stone.

Modern jazz society which I belonged have a long history. But you will not hear a music like this performance, never ever.

title: 19930609
date: 9 June 1993
musicians: isao horikoshi (keyboard), nobuhiko shinzawa (drums), yano (bass)


In parallel with playing with modern jazz society, I was playing improvised music with some peers. We played music every day all night long, because it was free to use dining hall of college dormitory when the night comes. This recording is played by keyboard trio, comparatively near ordinary band. It look a bit like a canterbury music. It is completely improvisation extends to 24 minutes.
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isao horikoshi thoughts

title: isao horikoshi thoughts

01. other voice (4:29)
02. le deco (5:10)
03. my little red organ (4:55)
04. ballad #2 (2:15)
05. when - going from nothing - towards something (4:43)
06. vision fugitives (8:14)
07. while you were work (4:08)
08. i see you - my darlings, my queens (4:13)
09. pit and oscillator (5:39)
10. for the end of time (9:37)
total time 53:47

musicians: isao horikoshi (piano, computer), on tracks 2 and 6: with yow funahashi (sax)

produced, mixed & mastered by isao horikoshi


I deliver all tracks of my solo album which compiled in around 2004. This is electro-acoustic music. Some tracks are made for contemporary dance's performance. Total tracks are 50 minutes or more.

I wrote in a bilingual somehow.
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the golden apples of the sun pt.1, pt.2

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SHERPA, 2002/08/20

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SHERPA, 2002/08/20

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